Terex TA300 6x6 Articulated Dumper 2012

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Manufactured by:   Terex
ID: 780 | Ref MOD: 50184
Location:The Rocket site, Doncaster, The UK
Units Available: 1
Condition: Mileage Hrs/Kms: 6,000 Hours | Year of Manufacture: 2012

The price: P.O.A.
Terex TA300 6x6 Articulated Dumper 2012 for sale | military vehicles

Terex TA300 6x6 Articulated Dumper
Qty 1 machine available
2012 year
Complete with Tailgate
Flotation Tyres
Reverse Camera
Air Conditioning
Clean machines in good working order

High powered, heavy-duty truck providing class leading performance and ability to go where others can’t follow
Outstanding fuel effi ciency at over 12% (compared with Tier 3 TA300 in back-to-back testing)
World class operator’s environment
Rigorously tested in extreme conditions for proven power, productivity and reliability
Superior gradeability and higher top speeds increase production

SPECIFICATIONS Terex TA300 6x6 Articulated Dumper

Engine Scania DC9
Type 5 cylinder, in-line, four cycle, water cooled, turbocharged with air to
air charge cooling, direct injection, electronic engine management
Piston Displacement 9.3 litres (568 in3
Bore x Stroke 130 x 140 mm (1.5 x 5.5 in)
Gross Power 276 kW (370 hp) @ 1800 rpm
Net Power 258 kW (345 hp) @ 2100 rpm
Maximum Torque 1 880 Nm (1 387 lbf ft) @ 1400 rpm
Gross Power rated SAE J1995 Jun 90
Engine Emissions Meets USA EPA Tier 4/CARB MOH 40 CFR 89 Tier 4 and proposed
EUNRMM (non-road mobile machinery directive) stage 3
Electrical 24 volt electric start. 100A alternator.
Two 12 volt 175 Ah batteries
Air Cleaner Dry-type air cleaner with safety element,
automatic dust ejector and restriction indicator
Fan Modulating fan reduces noise level and consumes engine power as
required. Note: Net hp with fan clutch disengaged
Altitude Electronic derate 3 000 m (9 842 ft)

ZF 6WG 310 RPC Fully automatic with manual over-ride
Consists of a torque converter close-coupled to a countershaft type gearbox with integral output
transfer gearing. Automatic shifting throughout the range, with kick-down feature. Lockup in all
forward gears. A torque-proportioning output differential transmits drive permanently to front
and rear axles.

Heavy duty axles with fully fl oating axle shafts and outboard planetary reduction gearing. The
three axles are in permanent all-wheel drive (6x6) with a differential coupling between the front
and rear axles. All three axles also have hydraulically actuated multiplate transverse diff-lock
differentials for 100% cross-axle lock up. The inter-axle and cross-axle diff locks are controlled by
the operator, and can be actuated when required in poor traction conditions.

Hydrostatic power steering by two double-acting cushioned steering cylinders with pressure
supplied by a variable displacement / load sensing piston pump. An audible alarm and warning
light indicates should the second system activate.

All-welded construction, fabricated from high hardness (min 360 BHN) 1 000 Mpa (145 000 lbf/
in²) yield strength steel. Dual slope tailchute improves material ejection from body.
Plate thickness: Floor and tailchute

All hydraulic braking systems with multiplate sealed and oil cooled brake packs at each wheel.
Independent circuits for front and rear brake systems.

Fuel Tank 370 liters (98 gal)
Hydraulic System (Steering & Body) 256 liters (68 gal)
Engine Crankcase 45 liters (11.8 gal)
Cooling System 48.8 liters (12.8 gal)
Transmission (incl. fi lters and cooler) 55 liters (14.5 gal)
Differential – Front & Rear (each) 22 liters (5.5 gal)
Differential - Centre 23 liters (6.0 gal)
Planetaries – (each) 7.5 liters (2.0 gal)
DEF System (Tier 4i only) 52 liters (13.7 gal)

Tyres Standard 23.5. Optional 750/65
Rims Standard 25x19.50. For optional tyre, 25x22.00
Wheels 3-piece earthmover rims with 12 stud fi xing

These fi gures are at 15% shrinkage of unloaded radius and specifi ed weights using: Tires 23.5 R25
Front 128 kPa(18.5 psi)
Rear 54 kPa(7.8 psi)
Front 180 kPa(26.1 psi)
Rear 172 kPa(24.9 psi)
Net Distribution
Front Axle 12,720 kg (28,042 lbs)
Bogie Axle, Leading 5,480 kg (12,081 lbs)
Bogie Axle, Trailing 5,340 kg (11,772 lbs)
Vehicle, Net 23,540 kg (51,896 lbs)
Payload 28,000 kg (61,730 lbs)
Gross Distribution
Front Axle 17,788 kg (39,215 lbs)
Bogie Axle Leading 16,988 kg (37,452 lbs)
Bogie Axle Trailing 16,764 kg (36,958 lbs)
Vehicle Gross 51,540 kg (113,626 lbs)
Bare Chassis 17,555 kg (38,703 lbs)
Body 4,400 kg (9,700 lbs)
Hoists, pair 530 kg (1,170 lbs)

Please note these are not M.O.D owned assets
Export Requirements: NLR Stock (No Licence Required)
Orders: 15442

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